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Cellulite treatment

Phytotec Cellulite Treatment is a simple system - it involves three essential oil-based gels that work together to tackle the causes and reduce unsightly cellulite.


Remove Cellulite

Our proven cellulite treatment system works in 2 easy steps:

Step 1: In the morning, mix together a teaspoonful each of Phytominceur and Phytoreducteur (just in the palm of your hand) and massage in to the affected area. The Phytominceur, containing gentian and ivy, reduces excess water from the cells, and the Phytoreducteur with its camphor, sage and lemon oils breaks down the hard lumps formed by trapped toxins. The gels are non-sticky and quickly absorbed so you can massage them in before getting dressed and combat cellulite whilst you go about your day!

Step 2: Before bed, massage in a small amount of Phlebotonic to the affected area. The special blend of cypress and horse chestnut oils increases circulation to the area, helping to flush away the released water and toxins and encouraging a healthier blood-flow to the area.

For an even more effective treatment, try 20-minutes in a nice hot bath with Phytominceur bath solution added - formulated to reduce water retention.

(If you have a particularly sensitive or dry skin, any of our products can be mixed with a neutral moisturiser such as a baby lotion or our own all-round light moisturising massage cream fluidermyl)

Our Cellulite treatment system is available with or without the Phytominceur Bath solution and should last for about a month, which is all it should take to see a dramatic improvement. Most people don't require any more than this but will typically repeat the course a year later just to keep things in check. If this all sounds to good to be true and you need a little more convincing, please read what Dr Mark Atkinson had to say about our products in Now and Yours magazines.Now magazine article

Buy as a set of three 100ml pots and SAVE! : rrp 45.00 and 54.00

Cellulite treatment set (3 pots)   £39.00 (Inc VAT) Qty :
Cellulite treatment set with bath solution   £48.00 (Inc VAT) Qty :


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